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This program allows you to organise production according to the available machine time of each of your load centres and to respect constraints such as minimum order quantities (MOQ) or packaging multiples. The aim can be to maximise a service rate, a profit or a productivity.

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For whom ?  

Manufacturing industries

Insufficient available hours

When the production plan is validated, it is unusual for 100% of the items and sub-assemblies to be feasible. It may happen that for one or more load centres, the hours required to complete production are higher than the available hours.

In that case it is necessary to make arbitrations in order to remove some items from the production plan, which can be difficult when there are many references to manufacture.

An additional difficulty is to carry out these arbitrations while respecting the linked production constraints for each item, namely :

  • Respect for minimum ordering quantities
  • Respect for packaging multiples.

Advantage of the programme: Make production plan trade-offs according to your objectives

When the number of available machine hours is insufficient, it is very difficult to make an optimal choice of references and quantities to be excluded from the weekly production plan. Indeed, this arbitration must be made between several hundred production orders and there are often a large number of production constraints to be respected.

For example, depending on the technical characteristics of the machines there are « economic » manufacturing constraints linked to the launch costs and the storage costs of the articles (minimum launch, multiple packaging). Therefore, sometimes more items than necessary have to be manufactured in order to meet these constraints. It is also necessary to take into account the production of the sub-assemblies required to obtain the desired finished products: if there is not enough time to manufacture certain parts of the sub-assembly, it is possible to refuse to manufacture the other parts that make up the sub-assembly and thus recover machine time that can be used otherwise.

Our FLOHR program allows you to take all these constraints into account, while integrating tolerance thresholds. These allow you to specify to the program if there are constraints that you agree to only partially respect. For example, you can decide that if the MOQs are only 95% met but this allows you to optimise your occupancy rate, you will still choose to start production. It is up to you to decide what tolerance level is acceptable to you. In this way, you can control your production according to your current objectives, whether it is to maximise your workshop occupancy rate, your profits or to meet your commercial needs.

How does it work ?

The FLOHR programme is a decision-making tool that enables you to make the best production choices according to the objectives you wish to achieve, in the event that some of your machines have insufficient capacity to carry out your production plan and taking into account your manufacturing constraints.

For the program to work, you must know the availability of your machines, the customer demand and the parameters of your items (sub-assemblies, minimum order, packaging multiples, unit production time, etc.).

Once you have specified this data to the program, you are asked to choose your production target and manufacturing options. The FLOHR program will return a spreadsheet summarising all the information: this contains, among other things, the list of products and quantities to be manufactured in order to achieve your objectives in an optimal way.

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Configuration nécessaire :

-Microsoft Windows

-Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 ou supérieur

-Microsoft Excel 2007 ou supérieur

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