Shortage management

Optiveat – Alekhine

The ALEKHINE program allows you to make the optimal selection of production orders to be launched in case you encounter raw material shortages. The objective is to maximize your performance indicators, whether they are financial or commercial.

For whom?  

Manufacturing industries

Managing the shortage  

It is quite unusual that all the raw materials needed for a production plan are available at the time the plan is initiated:

  • Deliveries may have been incomplete or late
  • Quality problems could be detected during the incoming inspection
  • References may have been over-consumed in the past weeks
  • Negative stock adjustments could be made as a result of a rolling inventory.

When shortages occur, whether complete or partial, it is necessary to select the references and quantities that will not be produced.   

Benefit of the program: make arbitrations in the production plan according to your objectives

Defining a list of production orders to be temporarily removed from the production plan can be difficult in some cases. For example, when arbitration must be carried out between several thousand production orders, or when there are batch sizes to be respected. Finally, it can be tricky to make a decision when out of stock raw materials are common to several finished product references.

Our ALEKHINE program provides you with the optimal list of part numbers and quantities to manufacture according to your constraints and priority objectives, whether it is to maximize your workshop occupancy rate, your profits or to meet sales requirements.

How does it work?

The OPTIVEAT – ALEKHINE program is a decision-making tool that enables you to make the best choice of production orders to manufacture according to the objectives you wish to achieve, in the event that you meet raw materials shortages.

For the program to work, you need to know the state of your raw material stocks, your need for them and your simplified production plan (for each production order, the quantities to be produced, the production times, etc.).

Once you have specified this data, you are asked to choose your production target and your manufacturing options. The ALEKHINE program will return a spreadsheet summarizing all the information: it contains the list of products and quantities to be manufactured in order to achieve your goals in an optimal way.

Required configuration:

-Microsoft Windows

-Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 and later

-Microsoft Excel 2007 and later

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