Press Review

OPTIVEAT is mentioned in the local press. Thank you Charente Libre for this quality article.

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Nimzo – V2

Optiveat has just finished developing the new version of its software for managing the implementation of a distribution network. This program allows you to minimize your structure and transportation costs by calculating the optimal assignments of your delivery points to each of your warehouses, as well as those of your warehouses to your suppliers. You now have the ability to perform more complex flow analyses: multiple products, multiple suppliers, multiple warehouses, multiple customers. Our program allows you to manage several thousand constraints in record time. The results are once again visible in the form of a map.


Alliance Entreprises

We are proud to announce that OPTIVEAT is now a member of the Alliance Entreprises association. This business network in the Charente department enables its members to meet regularly to share their respective experiences. We are happy to be able to establish further in a territory that is special to us and we are already looking forward to exchanging with the association’s members!


ViV INDUSTRY exhibition

OPTIVEAT took part in the ViV INDUSTRY virtual exhibition organized by the CCI of New Aquitaine in March 2021. This event, on the theme of the Factory of the Future, was full of information. We hope to be present again at this show in 2022, this time physically if the health situation allows it.


Industry of the Future Solution Providers

OPTIVEAT is now recognized as an « Industry of the Future Solution Provider ». This recognition is given to all companies offering technological solutions capable of transforming a company towards the Industry of the Future. We are convinced that the future of industry will be driven by applied mathematics and operational research. We are therefore very proud to be part of the national directory of solution providers defined by the Alliance for the Industry of the Future and the CCI network.


Hello world !

OPTIVEAT, created in January 2021, is proud to present its new website. OPTIVEAT’s ambition is to use operational research knowledge to offer decision support tools to companies. Find out more.