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Optiveat develops decision support tools as software, which allow to solve the operational problems of the supply chain in an optimal way. Our know-how in operational research and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will save you precious time when carrying out your projects. Discover our products!

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Eureka ! (tech)

Optiveat is proud to officially join the Eurekatech technology park, located in Grand Angoulême. Eurekatech’s mission is to support young innovative companies in order to enable them to develop and sustain their activity. Eurekatech is « at the service of entrepreneurship and innovation » and plays a role in the development of the Factory of the Future in the area. We are therefore eager to start our collaboration!


Press Review

OPTIVEAT is mentioned in the local press. Thank you Charente Libre for this quality article.

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Nimzo – V2

Optiveat has just finished developing the new version of its software for managing the implementation of a distribution network. This program allows you to minimize your structure and transportation costs by calculating the optimal assignments of your delivery points to each of your warehouses, as well as those of your warehouses to your suppliers. You now have the ability to perform more complex flow analyses: multiple products, multiple suppliers, multiple warehouses, multiple customers. Our program allows you to manage several thousand constraints in record time. The results are once again visible in the form of a map.

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