Who are we?

Throughout our career we have had the chance to work in factories, in a design office and for a freight forwarder. These different experiences have enabled us to capitalize on a good deal of knowledge in production management, logistics, planning and scheduling, R&D and transport.

Here are some of our achievements:

Production | Planning:

  • Creation of a production planning software allowing to maximize the productivity of a machine park by scheduling the best manufacturing changes (availability of men) and by respecting the technological machines constraints.
  • Creation of a SAP ERP system interfaced software to analyze the consumption of raw materials in factories by processing large volumes of data (several hundred thousand records processed in less than 5 minutes).
  • Creation of a software to provide weekly production plans to the group’s factories, maximizing the response to commercial needs (urgency, deadlines), and respecting the constraints of raw material stock availability (shortage management).

Distribution | Logistics | Transport:

  • Collaboration in the writing of sorting algorithms, especially the « address sorting » algorithm of the GLSNavigo application allowing to minimize the time of the drivers’ delivery tours (2018 e-commerce gold medal in the logistics innovation category).
  • Creation of a software to simulate the construction of new delivery agencies in a given catchment area and to calculate an optimal allocation of postcodes to each agency in the area. The program allows to calculate the financial impact of these constructions on the overall delivery costs and to visualize the results on a map.

There are countless business issues and constraints that you may encounter in the field. We have experienced some of them with success. This is why we are able to offer you relevant optimization solutions to your business.

Vincent Taupin, Président and co-founder

Industrial Engineer

Anthony Taupin, Managing director and co-fonder

Mechanical and microtechnology engineer