Our vision

To be competitive, a company must produce in a suited way to the times. We believe that operational research is a major tool for developing the factory of the future.

We have known different periods and important evolutions in the way of producing: Taylorism and Fordism (to be good, you have to produce a lot) and then Toyotism as we know it today (to be good, you have to produce the right need, at the latest, at the lowest cost). This last era brought us « Lean Thinking » and helped introduce simple mathematical calculations into industry with, for example, the famous Wilson formula or lot sizing.

Analyzing industrial problems through the prism of operational research (OR) means going even further in the search for performance. Indeed, OR makes possible to solve problems that are unsolvable for a human brain in record time.

In our opinion, the introduction of operational research techniques in business is the starting point of a new industrial period in which mathematics and computer science will be omnipresent. In the same way that Fordism is an extension of Taylorism, we believe that operational research is an extension of Toyotism. The techniques of OR add to the already well-stocked toolbox of the ‘toyoist’. With operational research, mathematics and computer science serve… the operational staff.

OR is already very present in different sectors of activity such as telecommunications, IT and banking. It is now gradually taking root in very large industrial groups such as Total, Valeo, Airbus, etc. However, these techniques remain relatively unknown to SMEs. We want to share them more widely, which is why we have created OPTIVEAT.

From our experience we have seen that many operational problems are currently solved by hand. The proposed solutions are both difficult and time-consuming to find (because there is a lot of data to process for a human brain) and not optimal. We wish to propose an offer that will make easy and fast to process some tasks for the industrialists, which will allow the people working daily on them to recover time to manage the more complicated cases that cannot be processed by the computer.

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