Focus on Operational Research

Operational research is a discipline that stands at the cross of mathematics, computer science and « business » (planning, production, transport, logistics, etc.).

It deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to achieve or approach an optimal result, and thus help a company to make the best decision. It is research for operational staff. It uses the tools of the mathematician (linear programming, graph theory, probabilities, etc.) as well as those of the programmer (algorithms, calculation time management, etc.).

In concrete terms, this means solving difficult problems, such as:

  • Determining where to locate 5 distribution centres out of 30 possible locations, so that the transport costs between these centres and the customers are minimal;
  • Sizing the number of employees to work in a call centre or administration so that customers have a reasonable waiting time without overstaffing;
  • Optimizing a delivery round. This can be done by minimizing the number of vehicles, the number of drivers, the time spent on the road, etc;
  • Plan the changeover of a machine park according to the production plan and the available human resources in order to maximize the load rate;
  • Choose the references/quantities to be produced in the event of raw material shortages. The objective may be to maximize customer service, sales profit, overall workshop performance, etc.

Below are links to products we offer that solve problems using operational research techniques.